Kire Galevski Photography

Galevski is born on 27.11.1974 in Ohrid, Macedonia. His professional engagement as photographer and designer began in 1993, as a reporter in the “Puls” magazine and an associate in the daily newspapers “Nova Makedonija” and “Vecer”.

In the period 1995/98, he lived in Prague, and worked as an editor of photography in “The Prague Tribune”, a French and English language magazine, and as an associate of the Lifestyle magazine “VELVET”, as well as photographer in the Vaclav Havel’s office for the “St. Voitcheh” project, the prize bestowed to the person with the greatest contribution in uniting the European countries.

In 1998 he became an editor of photography in the Macedonian weekly magazine “Denes” and the daily “Makedonija Denes”; He has his own heading in the magazines “FORUM” (Macedonian Beauty), “Semeen magazin” , “TEA moderna” etc.

In 2003 he became an editor of photography in the “Nacional” magazine and cooperated with marketing agencies in the field of advertising photography (with the agency Art ulica 26 – cooperation in creation of 2 TV shows and many TV commercials; with the music band DNO and the artist Aleksandar Stankovski – 7 music videos and the movie „Magical Mystery Cure“).

Between 2004 and 2007 he’s managing partner and creative director in the advertising agency “Balkan delo” (specialized in advertising photography, design and 3D animation). 2007/09 he’s also cooperating with “Globus” magazine for the heading “Lifestyle”, and with the magazines “Autofokus” and “Unique”.

In 2007 he founded “StoneHead Images“, agency for photography, graphic and web design, and event management. His clients list of references cover various fields: UNICEF, UNHCR, UNDP, “Ramstore mall”, “Stonebridge Hotel”, “Plaza Hotel”, “The Distillery” (History District, Toronto, Canada), Euro Info Centre, Skopje Fashion Week.

In 2010/11 he acts as Art Director in the monthly magazine for art, culture and lifestyle – “Life Magazine”, while in 2012 he cooperates with various Macedonian printed and online media, such as weekly magazine “Gragjanski” and online portal “Karmakasha”.

Since 2012, he works as a Creative Director and photographer in the advertising agency ID-Concept. His major projects include photography projects in photo studios in Skopje and Vienna, which widens the international portfolio and enriches international experiences.

His cooperation with Macedonian National Theater and his “documenting” of the most relevant theatre plays lasts more than 15 years.